Nikon 10x Plan Lens

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This new Nikon 10x plan achromat objective lens is designed with a 22mm outside field number to work in conjunction with Nikon's Eclipse series microscopes. This microscope is in stock and ready for delivery. This replacement objective lens screws right into the Nikon Eclipse series nose piece and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This is the Nikon 10x objective that comes standard on the Nikon Eclipse 200 microscope. This is the same objective sought out my macrophotography entusiasts. macrophotography

Product Details: 

  • 10x Plan Achromat Objective
  • 25mm thread Pattern for Nikon Eclipse Microscopes
  • Numerical Aperture 0.25
  • Working Distance 10.5mm
  • 25mm Field of View
  • Infinity Corrected
  • Nikon Part # MRL00102
  • 10x/0.25

        Best Fit: For use with Nikon Ni, Ci, 80/90i, 50/55i, E800, E600, E400 microscopes. 

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